Knowledge: We provide a wide range of knowledge and many years of experience from prototypes to series production. Originality: Our team consists of creative minds. Optimism: Our thoughts and actions are characterized by optimism and a high level of motivation. Standard: Our standard includes a consistently high quality of our products and services. 
Yin & Yang: We implement the cooperation with our customers as well as in the team in harmony with Yin & Yang. Yin stands for intuition, flow, creativity and passion. Yang represents structure, efficiency, ambition, discipline and performance. Security: Functional safety or privacy, we take our customers’ safety and security seriously. 
This is KooSys

In the mobility of the future, emotion and connection to the product are conveyed through design and software. The focus here is on modern, innovative lighting designs and matching software solutions. Our team of experienced and innovative designers and engineers is at your disposal.

Our team is the sum of experienced, innovative, positive-thinking employees who create added value for customers and suppliers.

Our primary goal is the complete fulfilment of tasks in the interest of our customers. For optimal assurance, we are ISO 9001:2015 -certified and have a TISAX label.