Concept Studies / Feasibility Studies

We have the potential to develop projects based on the latest technologies, pushing the boundaries for you to make your project distinctive. We develop your ideas, convert them into prototypes and implement the industrialisation. Based on our embedded electronics skills, we realise extraordinary animations and effects. We check your design with regard to international regulations and support you in homologation for your markets. ​

  • Based on the latest technologies    ​
  • Functional definition / requirements definition    ​
  • Creation of assembly concepts


Based on our many years of experience, we can support you with our knowledge and draw on a global network of experts. ​

We help to optimize your development processes and support you while you pull the strings. ​

Furthermore, we organize your tool management from design to production release, including the optimization of your production processes. ​

If required, we can assume the role of project manager for your project. We act self-confidently in sensitive areas, both internally and towards the customer. ​

We know the importance of quality planning in the early development stages of projects. We support you in developing a product that meets customer requirements under cost-sensitive conditions.​

  • Support M&A​
  • Project Management for R&D Projects​
  • Tool Management​
  • Fire Fighting ​
  • Quality Planning


We offer full development services for all types of outdoor and indoor lighting. ​

We draw on our experience in lighting design and the construction of various luminaires. ​

Through our participation in technology exchange with various partners, we also incorporate the latest technologies and technical possibilities here. This also includes our distinctive in-house electronics expertise. ​

Together with our partners, we can offer you a wide range of products, from prototypes and various light samples to series production.​

  • Headlights, combined rear lights, individual lights    ​
  • Illuminated design elements > Illuminated front grilles and flat illuminated surfaces    ​
  • MLA technology and animated projections

System Development

You have an idea and don’t know how to implement it? We can help you develop your ideas.​

We show you how a technical implementation can look like. We create a concept, derive the requirements from the existing concept and create a showcase with you.

  • Idea development:
    • Technical implementation
    • Conceptualisation
  • Function definition:
    • Requirements
    • Derivation from an existing concept
  • Rapid prototyping:
    • Creation of a showcase for concept

Software Development

Do you have a concept / requirements and need help with software development?​

With us you have a strong partner at your side who understands development based on complex architectures (single core, dual core and multi core processors) and is proficient in both Autosar and non-Autosar development. In our work, we naturally adhere to the processes of A-Spice and ISO 26262.

  • Implement requirements / implement concept
    • Software development based on complex architectures (single, dual and multi-core processors)​
    • Autosar and non-Autosar development
  • A Spice
  • ISO 26262

Functional Safety

Functional safety is one of the most important pillars for development, not only in the automotive industry.  

When implementing/applying the functional safety guidelines, we support you in setting up and tracking the required work packages for various standards.

Hardware Development

We create your hardware design for prototype and series development. 

We support you in the complete development process, from design to layout to production.

Quality Assurance

Our standards include Automotive Spice.​

Our development processes, for example, are set up in such a way that Spice Level 2 can be easily achieved.​

  • CMMI
  • Spice
  • Automotive Spice